Strategically located to deliver quality solutions at speed

In recent years, manufacturers have re-discovered the advantages of relocating to enjoy a more favorable trade and economic climate. With billions of dollars in new infrastructure, the current logistics boom across the region has already proved effective in meeting the needs of both emerging and advanced industries.

Simultaneously, a design revolution has repositioned the region as a global powerhouse in manufacturing. Local markets have fully embraced creative industries as a new economic engine to spur development.

Strategically positioned in ASEAN, the Indian subcontinent and China, Quantum has invested in this excellent local craftsmanship for many years. Through effective integration with the global supply chains, we are able to produce and deliver quality products worldwide at unprecedented speed.

Quantum Packaging harnesses a long tradition of valuing artisans and entrepreneurs who are passionate about appearance and design, and whose skills allow for fine craftsmanship. These talents are on display in shops and galleries across the region, embracing ideas from both the West and the Far East. This eye for generating fresh, innovative concepts represents a vast resource for designers in a range of fields.